Old Time Hayride consists of a 2 Man Old Time Music Review from the European Bluegrass circle. The Band Consists of Members: Erwin van de Ven, and Simon Rick.

Erwin and Simon first crossed musical paths in 2010 at the EWOB festival (European World of Bluegrass) at a guitar workshop where they had the chance to collaborate for the very first time. It proved to be the very first of many collaboration’s to come.

The boys discovered their mutual passion for traditional Bluegrass music. Their combined Musical Style is deeply rooted in the Appalachian Hills of Virginia and Kentucky. This mountain style music has since been their biggest bond and fomented the inception of Old Time Hayride. Bringing the sound of the Stanley Brothers, Charlie and Bill Monroe, Lonesome Pine Fiddlers and many of the other Pioneering icons of Early Bluegrass Music.

Old Time Hayride came into being after their initial meeting in 2010. Seen by many as their starting point in mainly playing the festivals and concerts throughout all of Western Europe. Though their choice of repertoire is “old-timey” their authentic style is not considered Old Time music. The band name assimilates the old country music show names of the 30’s 40’s and 50’s out of the Bluegrass Hey Days, likened unto such as the Louisiana Hayride“, a well-known famous collaboration that made popular radio broadcast throughout the 1940's and 50's.

Erwin is from the town of Enter, in the Netherlands, his part is playing the mandolin and guitar, and lead vocals. His strong Baritone voice is the perfect addition to Simon's high Tenor background singing. Simon is from Hamburg, Germany. His part is playing rhythm and backbone on Guitar.

Old Time Hayride is all about the fervor of these two country Gentlemen for the heartfelt Appalachian mountain style of singing and playing their stirring live performances. Their second performance at the EWOB netted them a 3rd place in EWOB's audience popularity award in the year 2012. Old Time Hayride are the only duo to date that has gained an award like this in the history of the EWOB itself.

Since their first meeting in 2010 Old Time Hayride has seen many different phases in its work in progress, some of these changes required patience and hard work which put them on the sideline between 2014 and 2016 while working on the very best material for a brand new look and feel to the Old Time Music they both love and cherish. While focusing on other projects in life, Erwin and Simon never wandered away from the real deal and playing the Bluegrass music they love best: Traditional, Appalachian Mountain style Bluegrass Music.


Old Time Hayride stand the test of time and has released the long awaited first album in early spring 2016, along with new fresh upcoming performances all over Western Europe.
Come along with Simon and Erwin for “Old-time Hayride”, and take a fantastic trip with them way up the hills of Appalachia and beyond.

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